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Whole body MRI scans may lead to unnecessary follow-up tests that are not only expensive, but also anxiety-inducing, experts say.... Anxiety, depression, and COVID-19 can be a bad combination for your brain — and your long-term health. Having anxiety and depression before a COVID infection increases the risk of developing long COVID, researchers have found.... A doctor explains some of the frustrations and problems his Crohn’s disease patients face and how he works to help them.... Learn how Crohn’s disease treatment and long-term outlook have improved over the past few decades.... Are FDA REMS restrictions blocking access to clozapine for people with schizophrenia?... Rob Schwartz, the son of the man made famous in the book Tuesday's with Morrie, has published a new volume of his late father's writings on life, love and joy.... In this WebMD webinar, attendees asked Kevin Kalinsky, MD, Director of Breast Medical Oncology at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, about triple-negative breast cancer.... A study over 15 years found an overall increase of 11% nationwide, with a 38% increase in the 18 to 44 age group. Yet nearly 30% of U.S. adults younger than 45 are unaware of common stroke symptoms, according to a survey from the American Heart Association.... Myasthenia gravis finances: What to expect, what to plan for, how to navigate insurance, where to find financial assistance.... If you have type 2 diabetes, you could already be at a higher risk for heart disease without knowing it.... AI’s potential depends on how it’s used, Robert Califf, MD, said. “It could be used for tremendous gain or it could be used for tremendous harm.”... Psoriasis and allergies both cause itchy, skin and both involve immune system reactions. Could they be related?... People with psoriasis share their experiences and how they learned to manage issues with body image, self-esteem, and quality of life.... Lifestyle changes can help improve your psoriasis and your overall health. Follow these expert tips.... Some people with psoriasis choose to use makeup. Since this condition can cause skin flakiness and sensitivity, it’s important to be careful when applying makeup. Find out which products to use, what to avoid, and how to use and remove makeup with psoriasis.... Some people report side effects like brain fog and memory loss with this drug designed to lower cholesterol. Here’s what the research says.... If you have high cholesterol, you might consider starting a workout program. Find out how yoga can be your secret weapon in lowering your cholesterol levels and how you can add it to your daily routine.... If you think you don’t need to pay attention to your cholesterol numbers until you’re older, think again. Your heart health may be at stake.... Researchers are looking at how lower-carb diets like paleo might affect your cholesterol.... Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is when your heart beats too fast, too slow, or erratically. Here’s what some people with AFib want you to know.... Your life will probably change in some ways after a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AFib). The symptoms can lead to shifts in your routine. It’s even normal to feel anxious or fearful at first. But with treatment and some healthy lifestyle changes, you can learn to manage the side effects of AFib.... According to a recent study from Mexico, HPV has been found in breast cancer tissue, and in both malignant tumors and non-malignant breast disease.... Exercise is essential if you're living with type 2 diabetes and trying to keep blood sugar in check. To maximize exercise benefits, new research shows the best time of day to work out is in the afternoon.... Gene therapy offers new hope for people with some forms of inherited retinal dystrophy. Find out what’s available now and how to find a clinical trial.... For most types of inherited retinal dystrophy, there is no cure. Find out why early diagnosis is still critical for your quality of life.... Being diagnosed with a hereditary vision disease is life-changing. Learn how someone with retinitis pigmentosa manages life with low vision.... Inherited retinal dystrophies are disorders passed down through families. Learn how this affects which one you may have, diagnosis, and possible treatment.... Inherited retinal dystrophy affects your vision. Find out more about the common types.... Here’s what to look for as you assemble your vitiligo health care team.... There are challenges in treating vitiligo in people of color. An expert discusses these and newer therapies on the horizon.... Every year at least 21,000 babies are stillborn in the United States. That’s about one in every 175 births, according to the CDC. Elizabeth O'Donnell wants to see that number fall.... Mayo Clinic researchers are working on saliva tests that may help figure out the type of obesity a person has and, based on the results, decide what may be the best course of action to treat it.... In this webinar, Kevin Kalinsky, MD, explained how triple-negative breast cancer is different from other forms of breast cancer.... Researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago and their colleagues have found that their AI app appears to be useful in treating anxiety and depression.... Knowing your HIV status is critical for staying healthy or getting help if you need it. Learn how you can put fear aside and take steps to protect both your health and that of those you love.... Powassan virus is a rare and untreatable infection transmitted by ticks that can have fatal complications.... A new study finds physically active people have greater pain tolerance compared to sedentary people. And, those with higher levels of activity also had higher pain tolerance.... The man was paralyzed 11 years ago from a bike accident. He can now walk 100 to 200 meters (up to about 660 feet) at a time, and can stand without using his hands for two or three minutes.... There's a type of pain in the mouth and face that includes over 30 types of temporomandibular disorders, called TMDs, and they're hard to diagnose, leaving some patients on a long quest to find relief.... A large study finds the minimally invasive intervention known as TEER (transcatheter edge-to-edge repair) effective for fixing tears in heart valves.... New research suggests current screening methods for sleep apnea may put Black patients at a disadvantage.... Experts consider claims that new weight loss medications cause hair loss. They find that hair loss is unlikely and actually more common with bariatric surgery.... The corporate takeover of health care and why it matters.... An HIV diagnosis will change your life. It brings with it both physical symptoms and emotional stress. But there are things you can do to take charge of your condition, manage your symptoms, and thrive.... With new treatment and a better understanding of HIV, many people are living longer, healthier lives with the virus. Almost half of all HIV-positive people in the United States are older than 50. Find out why people are living longer and how to control complications as you age.... HIV setbacks can be difficult to figure out. Sticking to treatment, navigating relationships, and maintaining your overall health can be overwhelming at times. Find out ways to cope with emotions and manage your well-being with HIV.... Learn what people who are HIV-positive want you to know about the realities of living with the virus.... Heart transplantation centers need to thoroughly evaluate and continue to weigh the risks and benefits of using hearts from active COVID-19 donors because they may offer worse outcomes for the recipients, researchers say.... A feelings chart might help your child with ADHD tell you what they’re feeling and why, and that could be a first step toward better behavior.... The FDA has approved a second nasal spray for reversing an opioid overdose....