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More and more people are victims of fires. Are they getting the long-term care they need?... A look at possible reasons why multiple myeloma affects Black people more than white people, including genes, health care disparities, and the role of MGUS.... African Americans are more likely to develop multiple myeloma but are underrepresented in clinical trials. Here’s why and what can be done about it.... The blood cancer multiple myeloma affects Black and Hispanic people more often than other groups. A closer look at the reasons behind this disparity.... Getting a diagnosis of Pompe disease can be tricky. Learn more about how Pompe disease is diagnosed.... The father of a child with Pompe disease shares his family’s experience. Find out what it's like to live with this rare genetic disorder.... People with Pompe disease inherit mutated copies of a particular gene from both parents. Learn more about the genetics of Pompe disease.... To get the best care for Pompe disease, you need treatment from a team of health care professionals. Here’s what treatment for you or your child may include.... You may be familiar with the basic steps: Slow down, notice what you’re eating, and enjoy your food. But mindful eating can be more nuanced, and if done with intention over time, it can change your relationship with food and benefit your health, experts say.... Stress management can help reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, as well as harmful disease outcomes if you already have the condition.... Your age, gender, weight and more may influence the quality of your sleep. Learn more about the impact of social and economic factors.... What are the most common causes of sleep problems? A WebMD study looks at how well Americans sleep and what's keeping us awake.... What helps when you can't sleep? WebMD's survey offers some tips for how to sleep better with insomnia.... It’s tough to motivate kids who just don’t like exercise. But parents have more power than they realize.... Your lifestyle has a huge impact on your blood sugar. Learn how making a few changes to your daily routine can help you manage the disease.... Coming to grips with menopause can be daunting for women. But actress Constance Marie shares her approach to embracing change and normalizing this part of womanhood.... You can’t avoid the toxic chemicals that are infused into everyday living. But you can lessen some exposure.... Weight training should be an essential part of anyone’s exercise regimen. But it’s especially important for women to incorporate weight training into their routines.... A handheld lactation massager may be used to help someone who’s breastfeeding and has clogged ducts or engorged breasts, but old-fashioned remedies may be better.... Sibling rivalries come down to how kids perceive they’re treated by parents. An imbalance causes strain even as adults. Empathy can help you make amends.... WebMD asked experts and parents for tips on assigning household chores for children of all ages. Here are strategies you can use in your own home to make chores feel a little less like work.... Keeping your bedroom cool, even when it’s cold outside, may help you get longer, more restful sleep.... Got a preschooler who won't stop thumb sucking or finger sucking? Find out what to do about it.... Schizophrenia caregiver support is essential to avoid burnout. Learn how to build a support network when you're a mental-health caregiver.... Schizophrenia treatment is tricky when your loved one resists it. Learn ways to help someone with schizophrenia stick with their treatment plan.... Is it time for a change in your loved one's schizophrenia treatment? Learn the signs caregivers should watch for.... If you’re a schizophrenia caregiver, communication with your loved one's doctors is important. Learn how to stay in the loop.... The grocery store may look different after a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, but nothing’s off limits as long as you pair and portion food in a balanced way.... Baby development the first year: This guide lets you know what developmental stages to expect and when to expect them, from birth to one year.... Can You Spoil A Baby?... How to prevent and treat infant gas and its symptoms: baby burping, flatulence, and crying.... With type 2 diabetes, it’s vital to know the facts and communicate with your care team, especially when you face care disparities.... How can you tell whether regular drinking is actually problem drinking? "High-functioning alcoholics" may not seem to need help at first. WebMD tells more.... When you message your health care provider about an appointment, a prescription refill, or to answer a question, is artificial intelligence or a person actually answering? In some cases, it’s hard to tell.... Learn how medical mistrust and other health conditions may impact the standard of care for women of color with metastatic breast cancer.... Metastatic breast cancer is a complex diagnosis. Women of color have unique challenges. Learn how and when to speak up to get the care you need.... Heart failure clinical trials aren't diverse enough. What researchers, the government, and you can do to make these studies more inclusive.... Treatments for heart failure can ease your symptoms and help you live longer. But Black and Hispanic people with the disease may not have equal access.... Do you have a family history of heart failure? Asking the right questions when heart failure runs in your family will help you learn your own risk.... Heart failure hits Black and Hispanic communities hardest. Here’s why -- and the changes that can help.... The risk of having a stroke, and dying of one, is higher for Black Americans than for other racial and ethnic groups. Find out why – and what helps prevent strokes.... The agency appears to be walking a fine line between reducing COVID transmission, including the JN.1 variant, and the reality that many people struggle to forgo work or school for days at a time.... There are many obesity treatments approved for kids. But aside from bariatric surgery, clinicians have few tools as effective as semaglutide.... It might not produce results as dramatic as regular injections, but you can get everything you need in a grocery store, for far less money -- and this approach has the potential to improve your health in numerous ways.... Learn how some U.S. hospitals are giving patients’ food an upgrade from local farms.... If you have idiopathic hypersomnia, you might need medication, talk therapy, or lifestyle changes. It can be a challenge to adjust to life with IH. But there are strategies that can help.... If you live with idiopathic hypersomnia, you’d probably like to know what’s causing it. Unfortunately, that’s not something experts have figured out yet.... Because B-cell therapy is a fairly new treatment for MS, doctors aren't sure whether you need to take it forever. What are long-term effects?... How people with multiple sclerosis should arrange support from friends, family, and work before starting B-cell therapy.... B-cell therapy treats MS by targeting cells that can damage nerves in your brain and spinal cord. Learn more about this promising MS treatment....