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The FDA’s vaccine advisers lent support to the agency’s plan to try to simplify future COVID shots, with an aim of having many people get just one uniform dose in the fall.... After a near-fatal accident left Melissa Strong's fingers a mangled, charred mess, the climber was told her days on the rock were over. Her story is a testament to determination in the face of grievous injury, and the importance of physical activity and mindset in any recovery.... VEXAS syndrome, which causes multiple symptoms, may affect tens of thousands of U.S. men... A national advisory committee is expected to vote Thursday on whether Americans should pivot to an annual COVID-19 shot (like a flu shot) vs. periodic booster shots. WebMD asks health experts your most pressing questions about a possible switch to a yearly shot.... Vitamin D is widely promoted for better health, but if you're overweight, you might not reap the benefits.... Losing a loved one to suicide is a loss like no other. Unlike other causes of death (like illnesses or accidents), which happen to the person, suicide is an act performed by the person who has chosen death, leaving bereaved survivors with guilt and haunting questions.... The majority of youngsters who play video games do so as a form of entertainment, but about 5% to 6% of video game users do so to the point where it interferes with their lives.... The emerging technology of 3D bioprinting could help scientists discover new therapies, and doctors more accurately predict the best treatment for each patient.... Vitamin B12 supplements are hailed as a remedy for everything from weight loss to infertility to Alzheimer’s. Do they really help?... Channing Muller had her first attack when she was 26 years old. A vegetarian for a decade and a recreational runner, this shocked both her and her doctors.... Researchers believe they have found a link between lower bacterial diversity in the intestine's microbiome and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).... Having one’s symptoms dismissed by a health care professional is sometimes called “medical gaslighting." Here's what to know about it.... A new study finds ADHD may be an even bigger predictor of depression and anxiety in adulthood than autism is.... Warm heart and soul this Valentine's Day with easy-to-make entrees that are as good for you as they are delicious.... Medical research on the benefits of smell in virtual reality may start to move faster, thanks to breakthroughs in the entertainment industry.... Taking dietary supplements alongside cancer therapies can reduce the effects of treatment. Here's how patients and doctors can talk about supplements and their potential risks.... It can be overwhelming to be diagnosed with metastatic small-cell lung cancer. Here, three survivors share their stories.... While researchers dig deeper into how much water we should have, people should take cues from their bodies.... Three women living with metastatic breast cancer share how they learned to embrace their diagnosis, accept the changes in their body, and boost their self-esteem.... Susan Rahn has had metastatic breast cancer for almost 10 years. Here’s her story.... Only about 4% of men who signed up to be sperm donors in the United States or Denmark completed the process and had their sperm frozen for use in medically assisted reproduction, new research reveals.... There’s growing evidence that overexertion and not getting enough rest in that acute phase of COVID-19 infection can worsen longer-term symptoms.... The CDC study found that when children younger than 5 were hospitalized with COVID, they were twice as likely to become severely ill if they also tested positive for one of those other respiratory viruses.... How you can balance diet and medication to treat and manage hyperkalemia, or high potassium.... Actor Shailene Woodley shares her story of how she copes with scoliosis.... As more research arrives on the bivalent vaccine, an FDA expert panel prepares to discuss future plans.... Keeping psoriasis in check can be a challenge. Here’s how to tell if your treatment is working and what to do when it’s not.... If you have kidney disease, you are at risk to have hyperkalemia, or high blood potassium levels, especially if you already are in kidney failure.... While patients who have had post-surgery problems amplify the FDA’s warnings, doctors say it remains a relatively safe and very effective procedure.... Metastatic breast cancer is a complex diagnosis. Women of color have unique challenges. Learn how and when to speak up to get the care you need.... As sequencing becomes less expensive, genetic screening could support a kind of “precision public health” approach to medicine.... A study found that eating at least one-fifth of total daily calories from fast food can increase the risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a potentially life-threatening condition.... If you only saw the headlines, you might think that when a youngster is a few pounds overweight, their pediatrician will prescribe a weight loss drug or bariatric surgery. The reality is much less alarming. The guidelines take a deep dive into evidence-based treatments at various levels.... New research suggests a more convenient version of this technology may help the millions of people living with type 2 diabetes, not just type 1.... Most people with long COVID find they’re facing stigma due to their condition, according to a new report from researchers in the United Kingdom. In short: Relatives and friends may not believe they’re truly sick.... Cancer deaths have declined 33% since 1991, saving an estimated 3.8 million lives. Unfortunately, rates of advanced prostate cancers are on the rise.... Overactive bladder (OAB) doesn’t just affect you physically. It has emotional impacts as well.... A new, small study suggests six minutes of high-intensity exercise might prolong the lifespan of a healthy brain, perhaps delaying the start of Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s diseases.... Researchers found that teenagers who generally felt happy, optimistic and loved went on to show better cardiovascular health in their 20s and 30s, versus kids who lacked that level of mental well-being.... “Variola virus may be much, much older than we thought.”... What some middle schools are doing to decrease phone usage among students.... Americans 65 and older are dying at disproportionately higher rates from COVID-19. Add to this the yet-to-be-fully appreciated impact of the latest Omicron subvariant on the rise, XBB.1.5, and the future remains anything but certain.... A growing number of homeless and underserved people are spending their last days alone. Meet the people who are trying to change that.... Evidence points to a link between open water swimming and a condition called swimming-induced pulmonary edema (SIPE).... More and more research shows that physical activity can lower the risk of getting very sick from COVID. Yet, many adults remain inactive.... The proportion of visits for respiratory illness drops for the fifth consecutive week since peaking in late November.... For a variety of reasons, the average age of joint replacement is dropping.... It's not a cure, but the drug, given intravenously every 2 weeks, has shown moderate positive effects in clinical trials in slowing early-stage disease.... Crafting exercise programs around a long-ignored measure of fitness could help us more accurately predict health outcomes, enabling doctors to prescribe exercise as medicine.... Markers will be key to research, diagnosis and treatment....